Billy Blankenstooth

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Billy Blankenstooth

Billy Blankenstooth is a story about a boy who strives to achieve balance in his every day life, although he, himself is off- balanced. Through daily training and dance inspired diligence we learn the joy achievement brings to life regardless of your disadvantages. Billy Blankenstooth is a simple story packed full to the brim with imagination, play and adventure that invokes the message: there are no differences in achievement only excellence and pride.

The story is available in portuguese and english.


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About Joy Hanford

Joy Hanford is a Midwestern American writer and artist who just so happens to live in the North of Portugal. When she was a little girl, she know exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up then she forgot then she remembered. She spends her week filling pages in her sketchbook with stories and adventures, and her weekends searching for dragons hiding in castle corners.