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From now on with the Hedgehog Book and briefly with our other apps, there will be a FOR PARENTS section where parents can access to know more about the app and to prevent children to exit from the app due to the external links we putted carefully on the apps.

Here’s a screen of the hedgehog book app main screen

Hedgehog Book

This section is a general requirement and best practice to deploy secure children’apps and interactive books on the App Store. With the new iOS 7 from Apple, the App Store introduced a new category specifically for children content – the Kids Category and is splitted in the following section “Best for Ages 5 & Under,” “Best for Ages 6-8” and “Best for Ages 9-11.”. In order to be listed in this new category, children’s apps must implement a parental gate mechanism. With this new store category parents can browse a much more consistent set of apps dedicated for children.


The FOR PARENTS section is accessed through an intermediate “gate” to avoid children enter easily, just by taping the screen. So, in our case we have implemented a simple long touch in order to enter the app, like explained in the screen below.


iOS Simulator Screen shot 29.09.2013 11.44.45

This “parental gate” mechanism does not avoid 100%  children to enter the FOR PARENTS section but could be enough to protect children from in-app purchases, advertisement banners and external links, something that can distract and disappoint children and parents when using apps.

In our FOR PARENTS section you can find information about the app, credits, our privacy policy, subscribe our newsletter and take a look at our apps portfolio.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 29.09.2013 12.03.47